Charly grijane podrukavice

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Electrically heated gloves and undergloves.

The Charly LI-ION FIRE PLUS are electrically heated gloves, which can be both used as undergloves and as normal gloves. They are rapid heating allround gloves for sport and leisure. The hardly perceptible textile heating wires are integrated between the fingers, where the heat loss is the lowest. When activating them by clicking a push button on the wrist, the fingers will be comfortably warm. You can choose between three heating levels, displayed each by a red, yellow or green lighted LED, integrated in the push button.Two high-performance Li-Polymer-batteries in the cuffs provide the necessary power. Depending on the adjusted heating level, the heating time with one battery charge is between 1.5 and 5.5 hours. The batteries can be charged any number of times and last for years.
The Charly LI-ION FIRE PLUS heated glove liner fits like a second skin and optimally conducts the generated heat to the fingers. The integrated windblocker isolation in the upper part of the glove is breathable and protects against draught. If you wear the Charly LI-ION FIRE PLUS alone, they ideally warm your hands when going for a wintry walk, for cross-country skiing or jogging.
As undergloves, the Charly LI-ION FIRE PLUS warm when doing sports and when working in extreme cold. When hang gliding or paragliding, they are used together with handfairings. So, flight instruments can be operated without any problems.
Overview of the the Charly LI-ION FIRE PLUS's most important features

Material: Tight, breathable and skin-friendly windblocker softshell in the upper hand.Thus usable both as independent glove and underglove; ideal for mittens and work gloves
High-performance Li-Polymer-batteries without memory effect. Shortened charging time to 4 hours.
At the click of a button fast and effective heating in three heating levels with a heating time of up to 5.5 hours
Charge status display
Due to the conductive leather at index finger and thumb, you can perfectly operate the smartphones and tablets with touchscreen.
Incl. Functional textile box for gloves, batteries and battery charger

Sizes (unisex): Hand width (cm) at the finger tab: S = 8 cm, M = 8,5 cm, L = 9 cm, XL = 10 cm